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Fireplace surrounds from Beno’s Flooring

In the desert, temperatures do not generally necessitate having a fireplace for comfort, but fireplaces are still an incredibly popular addition to most high-end real estate - especially in places like Lake Havasu and Las Vegas.

The aesthetics of a fireplace evoke a cozy living space and help provide a visual focal point that is even more important to local residents than the warmth needed in cooler parts of the Country.

If that visual focal point is the main benefit of the fireplace, then an outdated fireplace will have an equal and opposite reaction as well. It still serves to draw the eye but offers only negative feelings about the space. Beno's Flooring has the answer and can help create a fireplace surround or accent wall that will simultaneously stand out and bring a room together.

We can modernize your fireplace with a luxury tile surround, or evoke cozy mountain comfort with a ledger stone hearth. Our talented designers will look at your space and the other design elements of your project, and help you to choose the right style and materials to make your fireplace a thing of beauty.