Three facts about luxury vinyl flooring installation

Three facts about luxury vinyl flooring installation

There’s a good reason why luxury vinyl flooring is so highly sought-after; in fact, it’s now considered a trend.

This product offers the most value for the decorating dollar. Read on to learn more about this fantastic, innovative product. 

Any room in the house

It's the obvious choice for kitchens and baths because of its 100% waterproof capabilities, but it works just as well in the living area or bedroom.

First, the images are vibrant and clear. Then, knots, grains, and veining variations pop. It's also cut into planks (LVP) or square, tile-sized pieces (LVT).

Come into our showroom to see for yourself. You'll see Thatcher, vinyl plank flooring, by Solid Tech. Or LVT flooring like marble and tile looks such as Tempo Stone by Phenix.

Durability enough for kids and pets

Kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic are no match for this item! It's thick and layered.

At the top, just over the printed design sheet, is a transparent, strong wear layer that makes it impossible to "walk off" the image. It also helps with waterproofing by keeping spills from absorbing.

The clear urethane finish adds extra strength and shine.

No scrubbing is required!

Luxury vinyl only needs regular sweeping or periodic mopping to keep your plank or LVT flooring in top shape. Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners–they damage the finish and dull the floors.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also 100% waterproof, whether spilled on or submerged. Installation is uncomplicated, especially when it's a floating floor.

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