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What can make my carpet last longer?

When you switch to carpet, you want to ensure that your carpets last as long as they should. You can take several different measures to ensure that your flooring lasts longer.

Most manufacturers say it takes up to 10 years for a flooring to show extreme wear in high-traffic areas. Carpets are one of the most stylish and comfortable home options, and there are many different options for any needs you have for this remodeling project.

What is proper carpet care?

made from Nylon are more durable and have stain-resistant properties. Nylon carpets from our carpet store are perfect for high-traffic foot areas, such as hallways, stairs, and in front of doors, but placing area rugs in those areas may also be a good idea.

Another good thing about this carpeting is that we can treat it with a stain protectant. Treating the floors with a stain protectant helps protect your carpet's color and prevent stains, but it is recommended that spills be cleaned at once.

Vacuuming your new flooring is also an excellent way to ensure it lasts longer. It's recommended that you get your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, but getting carpet cleaned at regular intervals is one of the best ways to ensure that your floors last as long as they should.

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