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Three tips about carpet durability

You'll be happiest with your carpet choice if you consider functionality and looks as you browse carpet samples.

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1. Consider loop pile styles along with cut pile styles when comparison shopping.

There are three things you should consider before purchasing carpet flooring, and the first one is the type of carpet pile.

High-quality carpet has a thick pile of fibers woven tightly together. Short loop pile styles are the most durable, but cut pile styles are created by cutting the fibers looped onto the backing, twisted, or turned, to prevent unraveling.

2. Choose the carpet flooring fiber appropriate for the space you are upgrading.

Time-honored nylon and newer triexta are tough fibers ideal for high-traffic areas, while polyester, known for its bright colors, is best for rooms that are not so active.

This long-time favorite nylon has always been prized for its ability to bounce back from compression.

Olefin is often found in loop styles, and since it is hydrophobic, it's perfect for a damp basement.

3. If you have a pet or your household is very active, invest in pet-proof carpet flooring.

Carpets created with pets in mind are highly stain-resistant and easy to clean, and they can be expected to last for decades.

In addition, these pet-friendly brands are backed by a warranty that covers all types of stains, including pet accidents.

For example, Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting, made of triexta, is supported by a guarantee: '20 years of abrasive wear' and 'Lifetime All Pet.'

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