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Three top tile flooring trends

If you're considering tile flooring for your home, you likely want the best decor. There are plenty of ways to get this benefit, and we have the information you can use.

Tile trends can make a big difference in your home's design in every room and space. And here are three top trends that could change your flooring experience.

The wood and stone look trend

One of the most impressive tile trends is the natural look. So, you'll find products that look like natural options like marble, solid wood, and more.

These porcelain and ceramic tile trends help create a wide variety of designs that incorporate a natural visual. They blend in with farmhouse and modern designs and many others.

The black and white trend

Black and white colors are trending independently, but they blend well together in tile flooring options. This trend is on the rise, so you'll see a lot more black in the future.

Consider matte and vintage blacks, especially when combined with other trending options. There's nothing wrong with creating layers of beauty with layers of visual appeal.

The herringbone installation layout trend

This tile flooring trend is unique and offers an exciting change from a standard installation. It's decorative enough for any room and can spice up any minimalistic space.

Herringbone layouts are often compared to chevron layouts, but they aren't the same. You'll see how the two differ in our showroom samples.

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